Welcome to Salmon fishing in Norway!


We arrange guided fishing trips to Norwegian salmon rivers with an all-inclusive concept - licences, transport, food, drink and accommodation. We plan and arrange everything, you can just turn up and start having fun fishing salmon in Norway!

No equipment is required and you can be either a novice or experienced!

Take a chance on a completely different treat for yourself, someone you care for, friends or business relations - experience the thrill and relaxation that salmon fishing is all about. The old English lords from last century were not mistaken, salmon fishing in Norway is a fantastic manner in which to break free from everyday hassle and recharge your batteries!

We are experienced anglers with hundreds of salmon lives on our conscience during the last fifteen years. 2013 was another year with a decent salmon run in Norway and our people caught several big salmon breaking the 10-kg-mark (20 lbs)! During the last few years, our region (Rogaland) has become one of the best regions in Norway for salmon fishing and 2013 continued this trend with another good season!

Start planning your trip for the summer now - the sooner the better!

Let our gallery inspire you - could this be you next summer?

See our packages, information about the rivers and practical information for more details or contact us to find out more!