About us


We are a team of Norwegians passionate about salmon fishing and would like to introduce this fantastic hobby to overseas clients. After 15 years of salmon fishing in Norwegian and foreign rivers, we know how rewarding and exciting salmon fishing is. We also know the rivers, when and where to fish and how to catch the legendary Atlantic salmon - knowledge that you only gain from hours and hours of fishing in all kinds of rivers and conditions. We have caught several hundred salmon in our lifetimes, and have lost a few as well... Either way, every fish caught or lost is added to the experience necessary to become a succesful salmon angler.

We are based in Sandnes in Rogaland on the southwestern coast of Norway. Sandnes and the neigbouring city of Stavanger are both decent-sized cities with a lot to offer apart from fishing. The area has a total population of around 250.000 cititens and there are good shopping and entertainment possibilities. Most of the salmon rivers described in the section the rivers are within an hour or two of driving.


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